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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower our clients to further pursue their goals and make a positive mark on the world. We procure this by combining our advanced AI technologies with our team of human experts to create a never before seen machine that drives results in all realms.

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Our Story

200 IQ Agency was created with a goal of being able to help businesses and brands grow while capitalizing on the rapidly expanding AI technologies among us. Our team saw the opportunities present in the industry that could be automated and sought after through artificial intelligence, and decided to attack this idea head on. 

We were able to leverage multiple AI tools and softwares to create an agency that is not only more efficient and accurate than others, but can deliver our services in a fraction of the time as well. 200 IQ is constantly learning, expanding, and continuing to separate itself with every task completed. We are an engine that fuels the digital world for your brand or business.

The founders of 200 IQ are masters of the web and decided to push the limits to what is possible with web agencies. We have ran successful dropshipping and ecommerce stores and have since transitioned into the agency business model where we use our knowledge and experience combined with the limitless capabilities of AI to help businesses and personal brands grow and reach new heights both in their online presence and in real life. 

With over 10 years of combined experience in the digital realm, we were able to craft a team that works seamlessly to fulfill our services. We have spent 2 years studying the development of AI and how certain AI tools can be leveraged in order to automate the business process. We ourselves recognized the tremendous upside to implementing AI into our own business endeavors, where we then expanded on that and wanted to be able to offer the same to others. 

At 200 IQ you will find a team of dedicated individuals passionate about scaling businesses and creating new avenues to success. Additionally, we have leveraged many AI tools to work closely with us that help flawlessly track data, impliment marketing strategies, and generate more business for our clients. The world around us is changing at all times and it is imperative that you are able to adapt your brand or business accordingly so you are not left behind. This is the whole idea that lead to the birth of 200 IQ. 

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About Us

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